Brand new CFFA20.02.2013

Czech Freestyle Football Association was founded back on January 2008 by 3 members: Vasek Klouda, Dexter and Lucaso. Everything happened one time in park Kampa where Lucaso had one of the first together trainings with footbag legend Vasek and once if there is biography of those three persons it will definitely start: Chapter 1 - Kampa meeting.

Since then a lot of things had happened as they all tried their best to get Freestyle Football on the highest level possible and inform ordinary people about this amazing sport. Unfortunately there were some hard times as they weren't able to find general sponsor who would support their work. Anyway they have managed to do great things as organizing the biggest tournaments on the world around the Prague and made Prague as the main destination of every freestyler every year.

Right now with help of Dave (graphic designer) who they cooperate with for more than 4 years they are up to continue in doing what they know best: make freestylers lives entertaining as much as they can. And that is why there is a new logo, website was refreshed and connected to CFFA's main product: SUPER BALL.

Soon you will find all information about CFFA's activities as well as some interesting and entertaining articles right here.

We know Super Ball is cool but don't forget who is behind it. Czech Freestyle Football Association will keep it high!


Chairman of CFFA

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