City of Brno was attacked by freestyle fever on weekend from 22nd to 24th November 2013. One of the biggest exhibition areas in Europe Výstaviště Brno hosted unique festival InJoy: event for youth. In three huge halls there was everything what today's youngsters experience and love: Gaming, Music hall and Street culture. And what fits to Street culture pavilon better than Freestyle sports. Among areas of skateboard, in-line skaters, Bboys, grafitti artists, street ballers or parkour runners sport of Freestyle Football took place. Together with Czech Footbag Championship and Freestyle Yoyo tournament CFFA brought to their players international event CFFA cup where everyone could take place without any limitation. That is also the reason why more than 30 players from 4 countries came together (Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland).

Friday was organized in chilling way. All players came together to festival and had big training session. People walking around and watching all the combos were impressed with variety of tricks. Hardcore combos from Zegan, Amsti, Rocco, creative combinations from Petike, Schopf, Metoditos, and long combinations from Kari, Jeza and Jan Krepl were great filling of free time. Main program was planned on Saturday.

Long day full of tricks was successfully ended by surprising battle Petr Karásek aka Kari vs Dawid Ziomek aka Ziomal. Czech representative had great first and second round but polish player showed his consistancy in huge variety of tricks and took the title. Clash of polish players in battle for 3rd place was won by Mateusz Sieja aka Amsti who defeated Dawid Biegun aka Zegan. Few minutes later there has been presented Sick three compeition where 8 players showed their impressive combinations. Zegan showed his real power and proved he deserves to be called one of the most hardcore players on world. He won this competition with his impressively clean amatw ahmatw (nt) - alatw. Second place took Daniel Kowal aka Danielson with cross ahatatw (nt) - ahtatw and third place was taken by czech representative Daniel Pražák aka Danny with his ahmatw - cross hmatw (nt).

After the whole day players went to after party trough nice city center and ended up in club called Two faces. Party lasted until 8am and was succesfully finished with no harms or troubles. Brilliant weekend with brilliant people.

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