Super Ball 2014 is right behind the corner so CFFA in cooperation with PJ Art production company have decided to organize Czech cup 2014 as preparational tournament for big bang which comes on August.

Tournament will happen on last day of May exactly on 31st May 2014 from 1pm. It will be open event which means everyone can participate without limitation of age or nationality. We are expecting aoround 40 players from 4 countries (Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany).

Czech cup 2014 will happen on the same place and players will be staying in same hostel as they will on August so they can try how will everything work. Also after party will be in the official tournament bar Golf bar Liberec. For organizers its perfect opportunity to create some media footage such as pictures and clips for official trailer. Also they can find out what is not working and then eliminate it for Super ball.

Players will have the unique opportunity to pay their registration fee for Super ball 2014 so they dont have to send money via bank account. For Facebook event click here.

For all players few free beers and Red Bull on the place.

Anyone who would want will be allowed to be part of official Super ball 2014 trailer shooting on Sunday 1st June 2014.

Judges: 3 members of F3 World Tour 2013


Winner of this tournament will have all local expanses for Super ball 2014 paid (accommodation and full day food). Second place will have covered only full day food and third place will have covered only accommodation (for whole week).


Time Activity                    
14:00 Start of event
14:10 Qualification - 1 minute routines
14:40 Additional battles
15:00 Top 16 battles
15:30 Top 8 battles
16:00 Semi finals
16:10 Battle for 3rd place
16:15 Final battle
16:30 Sick three
17:00 End of event
18:00 Transfer to local stadium of FC Slovan Liberec
18:45 Performance of judges on local football game



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