Open CFFA cup16.09.2013

There are a lot of freestyle football tournaments around the world which are organized by various companies or organizations. There are also few official national associations which are being very active with providing their players championships to keep their motivation up. Organizations from Colombia, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Russia and especially Poland make at least 2 events per year. Czech Freestyle Football Association is one of the most active organizations on the world organizing official national champ, Czech cup and Super Ball: World Contest.

Right now we are delighted to announce we have another tournament getting ready for not only local players but actually for everyone who wants to enjoy the atmosphere of battle. This November on south-east of Czech republic battles for winner of CFFA cup will be held.

CFFA cup 2013 is going to be part of huge festival of street culture and free time called IN-JOY held in exhibition hall in second biggest city in Czech republic, Brno. Brno Exhibition Centre ranks among the largest exhibition centres in Europe (23rd in the world). The huge complex opened in 1928 and established the tradition of large exhibitions and trade fairs held in Brno. Brno is also famous for beautiful girls and rich night life especially in student community.

Website of In-joy festival

Competition is open to everyone with no limitation of age or nationality. We expect participation of all czech and slovakian freestylers but we would love to see some polish, hungarian or austrian freestylers as well.

Name: CFFA cup

Place: Brno (exhibition hall)

Date: 22nd - 24th November

Everyone wants to come for that weekend dont hesitate a second and write to Lucaso on his email Dont forget to mention your name, nickname, date of birth, country and city.

Video trailer for In-Joy


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