Since 2008 when CFFA was created guy in charge hasn't been lazy and organized various events for good and promotion of the sport. Beside well known Prague event like Super Ball or Grand Prix of Prague they stay behind czech scene and have to take care about it. Since 2009 there has been at least one tournament which could be considered as official Czech championship and this year is not different.

All players were used to go to southern city of Jihlava for annual czech champ but this year we have decided to bring this tournament to our capital, Prague. Local people needs to understand what czech freestyle football means and in spite results of our national league or team are not ideal, czech players are going to represent our country on international tournaments well. And they will show it in shopping mall Galerie Harfa thanks to local management who showed interest in helping the scene.

This tournament is officialy approved by Freestyle Football Federation (F3) as National event. It means that all players gain points for their results in it and can qualify to the top event F3 World Tour 2014. Basically it means that whoever wins his national and continental championship is in top players around the whole year and can make it into top 16 players who are going around 6 cities around the world and battle each other. Year 2013 already started with event in London and Dubai and will continue in Lagos, Nigeria on September/October. Next year is open for top 6 from ranking and 2 wildcards.

As there is official polish championship in Zawierce the same date we can't count on presence of polish top players to sit in judging panel. This is why we have invited austrian stylish performer Martin Schopf who has judged czech players 3 times already and is more than experienced in this area. Next 2 judges will come from Hungary and it is nobody else than our good old world known Rocco and Petike.

"Czech scene means a lot to me. Before I have any international contacts I spent the most of the time to make czech players motivated for further training and I am really proud on them they kept doing so for 5 years already. They are on really good level." Says Lucaso, director of CFFA and vicepresident of F3.

Who is going to take the title of Czech champion 2013? Is it Kari who has won last 2 championships as well as 2 last Czech cups? Or is it Jan Krepl the very first czech freestyler? Or is it some of the young talents like hardcore lover Jeza or Adi hugry for success? Let's find out in one month!

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